Useful Tips for Pain and Facts Regarding Body Piercing

The body piercing is one of the proliferating trend among Millennials today. However, since most people have already been using it, we know but little on the facts regarding body piercing. The concept and essence of body piercing changed from time to time. Before, it was primarily used to signify power, wealth, and status. Today, the main purpose of body piercing is to express oneself. There are many individuals and well-known personalities who have body piercings.

There are usually pre-care and after-care procedures that are being undertaken once you do body piercing. There are many online sites that are capable of providing useful facts and tips for pain regarding body piercing.

Facts about the Development of Body Piercing

The earliest body piercing ever recorded in the history is the mummified body during Egyptian Civilization. The mummified body was estimated to exist over 5,000 years already. The Egyptian people are known utilize body piercing to showcase power, status, and wealth. On the top of that, there are certain rules that are being abode during that time. For example, only Pharaoh are entitled to have a piercing in their right navel. Anyone besides the Pharaoh will be condemned to execution.

In addition, Romans use body piercing for practical purposes instead of beautification. In this Era, Gladiators are renowned to pierce the head of their genital to protect them from any serious injury whenever combats may occur. It was also to make sure that these Gladiators would refrain from making love to other people without the consent of the owner.

In the South and Central America, the use of body piercing is mostly for aesthetics purposes. Piercing the lips of a woman is said to increase attractiveness. On the other hand, people from Solomon Islands and New Guinea also use body piercing wherein they use either of the following materials as ornaments:

  • Bone
  • Feathers
  • Tusks

The septum piercing or the Nez Perce is said to originate from American Indian Tribes. These tribes believed that by doing so would improve some features of the body.