How to Make Your Own Personal Website and Blog

In today’s era having your own website and blog is just normal. Younger generations are so fun of posting their status every hour on their blog or in their social networks. Cheap server and domain names are also readily available which encourages lots of businesses to be done online. Having knowledge and doing your own sites is just as easy writing in Microsoft Office nowadays. Why not start establishing your own website or blog now?

The first thing that you should do when making your website is choosing what platform or design you are going to use. The three most common platform that is used for making websites or blogs today are WordPress, Tumblr, and Squarspace and each one of them have its own pros and cons.

Tumblr is generally designed for blogging and making your personal sites. Its themes are perfect for those people who have artistic talents and showcasing their careers. It is also one of the social sites wherein you can follow and comment on other Tumblr accounts. One disadvantage of choosing Tumblr is that it lacks several plug-ins that will make your website more attractive to viewers. Squarspace is the newest among the three. It was launched in around 2004. When you choose this as your website builder, it will automatically make you choose whether your site will be for personal, non-profit, business or e-commerce purposes. Its template is very good and it functions well on mobile phones. Your website will also appear very clean and organized. However, Squarspace is not free and you have to pay a certain amount per month for your site to continue running. The most famous and widely used among the three is the WordPress. It the go-to building tool when doing website from blogs, small or big businesses and thousands of web agencies around the worlds. You can choose from lots of themes that it offers like that of WordPress Minimalist themes.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is for free. You can easily download it online without paying for it. It is an open source software and thousands of developers are continuously helping and upgrading it for free. It is also user-friendly and even you can easily modify it however you want.  You can easily create clean, professional look website which makes it very good for those people who are developing their careers. This tool has a lot of plug-ins that you can use and you can also monetize the site by putting some advertisement into it.