Curing the Bad Effect of Anxiety Disorder through Therapy Santa Rosa

Effects of Anxiety Disorder

According to study, there is an increase in number of people who suffered from anxiety disorder. This type of mental disorder is characterized by being uneasy, nervous, pessimistic, and always thinking that something imminent might happen. Anxiety disorder gives you the feeling of “fight or flight” as well as a sudden increase in adrenaline. This usually starts by a constant state of fear, dread, and worry. Some effects of anxiety disorder include:

  • This feeling proliferates to the point that it already dominates your thinking which in turn interfere with your daily life, including work, relationships, school, and social activities.
  • Studies show that occurrence of anxiety disorder usually goes with bulimia, anorexia, drug abuse, nervosa and other eating disorder.

Some people attempt to self-medicate through the intake of drugs. However, sometimes side effects are being experienced by those individuals who used medicines as a treatment for their illness. Medicines such as Paxil, Celexa, Zoloft, Lexapro, benzodiazepine, and antidepressant are the usual medications for treating anxiety disorder. However, intake of excessive medications usually causes a side effect. Some of those side effects are the development of a poor body coordination, blurred vision, headache or nausea, dizziness or worse make anxiety stronger.

Because of these complications, many individuals opt to go instead to a therapist to treat their illness. The most effective type of therapy for treating anxiety disorder is the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This type of therapy is available in different therapy centers and other places, such as therapy santa rosa. It is a psychological approach for treating anxiety disorder wherein the main focus is to change the pattern of thinking of the individual suffering from anxiety disorder. The basic concept of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy treatment is through exposure. Therapists believe that one way of treating people who suffered an anxiety disorder is through direct confrontation to his/her phobias or feared object.